“An Ending” – My First Short Story

I wrote this in 1997; it was the first piece of prose I’d written since school. It’s reads to me now like self-indulgent guff. But there were parts when I remember thinking: “I’ve begun to find my style.” – Returning, I am remembering your quiet grace

North: Chapter 1

1 : North To the North came the first of the cold winds and it chased and corralled the snow before it. From the high places at the top of the world, it lifted itself and moved across the glaciers, above a river, and beneath

A Poem for National Poetry Day

I’ve always loved poetry, even as a kid when my mum would read some of her favourites to me. “The Listeners” by Walter de la Mare and “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost were highlights for me. A poem, to me, is a lovely

North: Chapter 4

4: Marcus In the time it takes him to slowly blink three times, Marcus has catalogued almost one hundred objects in the room which, should

North: Chapter 3

3: City (Part 5) Night in City and information moved through its wide streets like a breeze of colours. Night in City and City, like

North: Chapter 2

2 : Everything The Finders Found (Part 1) A cold coming they had of it, through hard travelling and a blizzard which bit into their